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What to expect with Captuble Marketing Automation

Captuble offers you the possibility to link marketing automation to your own webshop. There are integrations available with all popular E-commerce platforms.

Abandoned Carts Solution

Don’t miss any orders and remind your customers of the products left in the cart. Automatically send out emails based on the policies you have set. Convert abandoned carts into sales.

Real-time contact synch

Synch your customer data in real-time. It is possible to automatically synch your customer data with your marketing automation dashboard. Set up campaigns to automatically target predefined customer segments.

Powerful Campaigns

Set up and deliver automated emails based on contact’s interaction. With smart multi-channel campaigns get better results and save valuable marketing time.


Create segmented contact lists with Captuble. Start with Captuble to trigger automated marketing. Automatically segment your visitors and send them targeted emails based on their website interaction

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